We LOVE to play!

We believe that a child's work is his play and that children learn best by doing. HCP students are given several opportunities to play both child-directed and teacher-directed, both by using their fine motor skills and large motor skills. We provide these opportunities in our classrooms, outdoor playground and indoor play gym. In addition, instead of off-site field trips, HCP provides On-Site Learning Specials to enrich our students learning experiences.


The Classroom:


In the indoor play gym:



The outdoor playground:



We LOVE our preschoolers!

In everyday terms, our daily mission here at HCP is to provide a play-based, stimulating environment where our students learn to LOVE coming to school and they leave school everyday feeling good about who they are. We place just as much value on our students cognitive, emotional, and social learning and growth as we do on their academic learning.  We believe children learn through play and will ensure many opportunities for your child to have fun while learning!

Officially, our mission of Hope Chapel Preschool is to provide a strong Christ centered early academic environment in which the development of foundational skills are encouraged by nurturing  self-confidence, independence, healthy interdependence, and self-esteem based on the knowledge of being “created in God’s image.”  

We LOVE chapel!

Our weekly all school chapel service include Bible stories told by Ollie the Owl, song, dance and our memory verse.  It is quite possibly our students favorite part of the week! 
We want our preschoolers to know God LOVES them, God MADE them and God HEARS them when they pray.